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Tilers Primer Product

Dunlop launches “Tilers Primer”

Dunlop  is launching a new preparation product prior to tiling.

Dunlop Tilers Primer is a ready-to-use acrylic primer suitable for use on wall and floor surfaces prior to the application of ceramic, porcelain, mosaic or natural stone tiles.

Before tiling with a cement-based tile adhesive, a number of backgrounds require priming for a number of reasons including reducing absorbency, preventing air bubbles, reducing risk of chemical reaction with the adhesive and also adding surface strength to weak backgrounds.

Priming also helps prepare surfaces for waterproofing, or for preparing surfaces prior to the use of using a levelling compound.

While there are numerous general purpose PVA primers on the market, it is important to understand that they are NOT suitable for use with cement-based tile adhesives.

This is because when a PVA primer comes into contact with a wet, cement-based tile adhesive, it will soften on the surface and reduce the overall bond strength between the adhesive and the background.  The end result is a failure of the installation.

While wall applications are particularly vulnerable to the use of PVA – as the combination of gravity and tile weight adds additional stress to the weakened surface – floor applications can also fail due to the use of a PVA primer.

This is why Dunlop has launched Tilers Primer, providing tradespeople with a specially formulated acrylic primer which is absorbed into the background, creating a strong and stable surface for tiling. Significantly reducing the risk of failure!

Dunlop Tilers Primer comes in 1kg bottles and undiluted covers approximately 10m2. Apply 2 undiluted coats with a paintbrush on plaster, plasterboard, floorboards or screeds, or diluted with water 1:1 on plaster if using a ready-mixed wall tile adhesive or tiling on cement floors.


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