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Introducing Dunlop’s New Procover Uncoupling Mat – The Fail-safe Tiling Solution

Discovering cracks in a new tiling installation is a tradesman’s worst nightmare, which is why Dunlop has launched the innovative ProCover Uncoupling Mat system providing complete protection against failures.

ProCover is designed to give complete peace of mind to tradesman by giving them the confidence to tile onto difficult floors at risk from stresses and lateral movement.

So how does it work? ProCover is an uncoupling system, meaning it separates the tile from the floor by providing a flexible layer acting as a buffer.

This protects against the different rates of contraction and expansion experienced by the floor and tile layer depending on moisture and temperature.

This is a particular problem for floors which suffer from movement, such as new sand and cement screeds, underfloor heating and timber floors which have previously required overlaying with plywood which is both costly and time consuming.

Without an uncoupling mat providing a buffer, tiles can crack and de-bond as the background moves, potentially costing tradesman time and money in repair and recompense.

In addition to providing a fail-safe solution for tiling onto difficult floors, ProCover is easy to install, comes in handy five metre rolls, and has pre-marked grid-lines for effortless cutting. ProCover can also be butt-jointed with no overlap, meaning no tape is needed.

Furthermore this innovative product is only 1mm thick and super-slim, preventing excessive height build-up.

What’s more, Dunlop ProCover comes with a unique 10 year guarantee when used as part of a suitable system of Dunlop tile adhesive and grout.

Why not check out ProCover yourself with our handy video guide.

Debi Boulton, brand manager at Dunlop, said:

“ProCover gives tradesman the peace of mind that their floor tiling installation will last the test of time.

“By using the ProCover Uncoupling Mat, traders can tile onto difficult surfaces in confidence, safe in the knowledge that the system will protect against unwanted movement, stresses and strains that could cause disastrous failures.

“So why not throw away your plywood overlays and try ProCover today for stress-free installations.”

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