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Introducing the New Name for Our Versatile Primer – Dunlop Multi-Purpose Primer

Multi Purpose Primer from Dunlop
We’re excited to announce that our Dunlop Tilers Primer now has a new name that better reflects its diverse uses – Dunlop Multi-Purpose Primer!

When we first launched Dunlop Tilers Primer back in 2018, it was designed for tile installations to prime surfaces before applying ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, or natural stone tiles. But over the years, builders and contractors have discovered that it works extremely well for other applications too.

Dunlop Multi-Purpose Primer is suitable for:

  • Preparing surfaces prior to waterproofing
  • Priming backgrounds before applying levelling compounds
  • General sealing and priming of porous substrates

Given this versatility, Dunlop Multi-Purpose Primer is a more appropriate name.

Same Proven Formulation, Updated Name

There are no changes to the actual formulation that contractors have come to trust. Dunlop Multi-Purpose Primer still:

  • Seals and stabilises substrates
  • Reduces porosity
  • Dries fast
  • Is easy to apply

We’ve simply updated the name and product codes to reflect its many uses.

The new product codes are:

  • 44581 – Dunlop Multi-Purpose Primer 1KG
  • 44425 – Dunlop Multi-Purpose Primer 5KG

Dunlop Multi-Purpose Primer is a specially formulated acrylic primer that properly prepares surfaces for tiling by creating a stable substrate. This dramatically reduces the risk of failure.

Be Wary of PVA Primers

It’s important to note that although PVA primers are common, they are NOT suitable for use under cement-based tile adhesives. The PVA softens when it comes into contact with the adhesive, severely weakening bond strength.

Reach out if you need any further details on this small but inportant update! We are confident that the new name will resonate with how builders actually use this primer.

Let us know if you have any other feedback!

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