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Dunlop Trains MKM Customer Service Team

MKM optimise customer service capabilities with bespoke Dunlop training

MKM’s branch staff and customers recently joined forces to soak up a day’s training at Dunlop’s industry renowned Innovation and Technology Centre (ITC) in Stoke-on-Trent.

Dunlop is a pioneering brand of tiling and flooring products for the trade including tile adhesives, tile grouts, floor levelling compounds, sealants and fillers.

Product training is a core focus for Dunlop , not only does it empower retailers and end users to optimise their customer service through appropriate product selection but helps to ensure that installations stand the test of time, preserving the reputation of installers and the reliability of tiled finishes.

Led by Area Sales Managers Lewis Lupton and Geoff Cavell, the bespoke course included theoretical presentations and hands-on practical workshops on Dunlop tile adhesives, grouts and other ancillary products such as it’s Shower Waterproofing Kit and Rapid Rescue Repair Mortar.

Ian Knox, Head of Heating and Plumbing Division at MKM (North East) said: “The training has been highly beneficial. We all gained extra product knowledge from Lewis and Geoff who looked after us incredibly well.

“This was one of the best experiences from a visit to a supplier and we look forward to joining efforts in the future to help build and grow both of our businesses.”

Lewis Lupton added:

“Training is a key priority at Dunlop, and we believe it is important to give merchants and their staff the opportunity to learn about our products and enhance their skills, which will ultimately give them the confidence to sell more effectively.

“It was also great to work with some installers and provide them with a little bit more product knowledge and the technical skills which will save them time and money on their next tiling projects.”

Dave Rowley, Training Manager at Dunlop, said: “We’d encourage all merchants to take advantage of these courses to give their staff the best opportunity to sell better, helping to increase margins and market share.

“Not only are our courses free, merchants can tailor courses to meet the needs of their staff and any installer clients they would like to bring along. Thanks to our flexible approach, we can build half day, full day or even two-day courses. Get in touch now to see how we can help you.”

For more information merchants should contact their Dunlop Area Sales Manager, call 01782 591100 or email

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