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New Waterproofing Legislation published

Ensuring a wetroom, bathroom or shower is fully waterproof is crucial part of any installation, because tiles and grout on their own will not inherently protect against water damage.

Recent changes in British Standards also recommends the use of a tanking kit in areas subject to wetting, such as showers, wetrooms and steam. British Standards already advocated waterproofing in commercial wet areas, however under the new clause of BS 5285-1, tanking is now recommended for domestic locations.

Debi Boulton, Head of Sales at Dunlop Adhesives, said:

“Over the last few years the popularity of wet rooms and showers has increased dramatically, which in turn has increased the risk of installation failures due to lack of waterproofing protection.

“So, whenever you’re tiling any bathroom, shower or other wet area, remember to apply a suitable proprietary tanking membrane system first.”

Dunlop, which manufactures tiling and decorating products for the trade, offers a Shower Waterproofing Kit, specially designed to include everything required to allow tradesmen to waterproof a shower area, wet room or walk in shower area in a quick, easy and simple way.

Designed for any internal intermittent area where continued exposure to water may cause damage, the kit fully waterproofs the background behind the tiles to prevent water penetration up to 1.5metres high in a two-walled shower unit or 1metre high in a three-walled shower unit.

As a result the kit prevents water saturating the whole area, reducing the risk of unsightly black mould forming, and drastically reducing the risk of more serious issues such as floor collapse and other surfaces vulnerable to corrosion.

Dunlop’s Shower Waterproofing kit provides an ideal waterproofing system for showers, wetrooms, kitchens and utility rooms to prevent damaging leaks and leave tradesmen and their customers with the ultimate peace of mind.

As with all of Dunlop’s tiling products, the kit is also supported by a 10-year guarantee, so confident are Dunlop that the kit will prepare and protect against water penetration for years to come.

To get ultimate waterproof protection, simply apply the primer to dry walls and floors, and leave until touch dry, seal corners, cracks, joints and floor junction with the Waterproof Coating before applying the tape to ensuring no voids are left behind. Finish by applying the coating to at least 1metre in height all over the shower walls, coating any taped areas, and, if used, over the floor matting area.

This fully protects the background making the area ready to receive tiles within in just 24 hours. 

Debi Boulton, Head of Sales at Dunlop Adhesives, added:

“With superior performance and features, our Shower Waterproofing Kit continues to prove extremely popular with the trade.”

For more information on Dunlop’s Shower Waterproofing Kit and a Step-by-Step video visit

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