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Pro Decor Now Stocked Online At

Dunlop Pro Décor is the hottest new decorating range on the market and the good news for tradesman is the innovative fillers and smoothers are now available anytime, anywhere at online decorating retailer

Winners of the Trade Suppliers and Retail-to-Business category at the Internet Business Awards 2013/14, and Highly Commended in the Building and Property category in the 2014/15 awards, provide a wide range of quality painting and decorating supplies across the UK and internationally.

The Pro Décor range, which includes ground-breaking HydrolocTM technology, cuts out the problems associated with more traditional repair products.

Unique because the mix water is used as part of a chemical reaction that dries the filler, HydrolocTM ensures that the range is unlike other products that dry via water evaporation. This means the product dries evenly, regardless of thickness, within 24 hours. Because the reaction occurs throughout the filler, its thickness plays no pivotal role in the waiting time. The drying process is not dependent on environmental factors either, making drying times more consistent.

Debi Boulton, Sales and Marketing Manager at Dunlop, commented:

“It’s an exciting time for Dunlop and we’re delighted how our Pro Décor range has been received in the market since its launch last year. Having on board as a stockist is fantastic news as it gives decorators across the country and beyond the opportunity to purchase our products whenever and wherever they need them at the click of a button.”

Andy Cherry, managing director at, said:

“We’re delighted to be the first online supplier to stock the Pro Décor range which is revolutionising the fillers and smoothers market. The Pro Décor range is really different to anything that’s currently on the decorating market, and we’ve had great feedback on the products from our customers.”

There are nine products in the Dunlop Pro Décor range including; Ultra Fine Wall Smoother, Interior Filler, High Bond Renovation Filler, Deep Filling Compound, Rapid Repair Mortar, Fibre Reinforced Smoothing & Filling Compound, Lightweight Filler, Fine Surface Filler and Flexible Acrylic Filler.

For more information please visit or call 01782 591160 to speak to a member of the Dunlop team. Follow Dunlop on Twitter at @DunlopProDecor.

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