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DUNLOP MULTI-PURPOSE PRIMER is a ready to use acrylic primer for sealing and priming substrates including porous backgrounds prior to tiling or applying DUNLOP LEVELLING COMPOUNDS. It is suitable for wall and floor surfaces prior to the application of Ceramic, Mosaic or Natural Stone Tiles in most interior and exterior situations including wet areas.


DUNLOP TEMPORARY TILE SEALER is a protective sealer for use on most tile types to protect the surface of the tile from discolouration when grouting. The sealer is removed by simply washing off after grout application.


Sbr Universal Bonding Agent

DUNLOP SBR UNIVERSAL BONDING AGENT is a high quality, water-based synthetic polymer, suitable for priming, sealing or dustproofing surfaces prior to the application of ceramic tiles. It is also a suitable admixture for the preparation of screeds, rendering, plaster and slurry bonding coats.

Flexible Additive

DUNLOP FLEXIBLE ADDITIVE is a high quality, water-based polymer additive for cement-based adhesives and grouts, where a degree of flexibility, vibration resistance or increased adhesion strength is required e.g. when tiling with fully vitrified (such as porcelain) tiles or marble or when tiling onto glazed or other non-porous surfaces etc.

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