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Interior Filler Product Range from Dunlop

Statement: Dunlop Pro Decor Range Rationalisation

At Dunlop, we continue to focus on innovative solutions and leading performance for all our end users, to ensure we continue to develop and deliver new products to our customer base.

As part of this process we also regularly review our existing product range and rationalise technologies that may be considered surplus to changing market demands and as such, with immediate effect, the following products will no longer be available to order on the range:

  • Ultra Fine Wall Smoother
  • Interior Filler
  • High Bond Renovation Filler with Hydroloc
  • Fibre Reinforced Smoothing and Filling Compound with Hydroloc
  • Deep Filling Compound with Hydroloc
  • Rapid Repair Mortar with Hydroloc
  • Fine Surface Filler
  • Lightweight Filler

The popular Dunlop Flexible Acrylic Filler and Dunlop Rapid Rescue Repair Filler with Hydroloc will still be available to order and purchase.

For information on the rest of the Dunlop range, please visit our website

Should you require any additional information or support regarding this communication, please contact your Area Sales Manager.


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