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Tiling a kitchen splashback

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Dave Rowley says...

Hi Bradley, sure can! Grouting is easy – just as long as you’ve got the right product and tools.
Before you start get everything ready. You will need; a standard hand trowel, rubber grout float or squeegee, and mixing bucket, plus your bag of powdered grout.

Start by pouring the powdered grout into some clean cold water in a mixing bucket with clean hand trowel. Use a ratio of water to powder as recommended by the manufacturer. Mix thoroughly until a smooth paste is obtained – but only mix enough grout for use within 45 minutes as room temperature.

To apply your grout the soft grout float or squeegee . Work the grout into the grout joints in small areas and at a 45° angles to completely fill the tile joints and compact well. Allow the grout to dry sufficiently (approx. 15 minutes) before cleaning off any excess grout diagonally across the grout joints using a damp sponge. Use a damp sponge to smooth the grout lines and allow to dry (a second wash maybe needed after one hour.

When the grout is completely set polish the tiles with a clean, dry cloth and hey presto, you’re all done!


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